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Advantages of LTL Shipping


Most LTL shipments are transported at a fraction of the cost of shipping via a dedicated truck. Shipments are aggregated from multiple companies onto a single freight truck that runs a standard route. The concept is like cost-sharing with friends, where each shipper pays a fraction of the cost of the truck – Nearly always a cheaper option.  

Small Shipment Capability

Many companies aim to bring in smaller quantities of product to minimize the cash and space required for inventories.  Some companies’ customers simply purchase in quantities that are a fraction of a truckload.  In these situations, LTL is a very attractive tool to utilize in supply chain activities and provides more control when you consistently have multiple loads of numerous small shipments.


When shipping to several locations, LTL provides great flexibility. While LTL shipping may require a little more time to bring other shipments together, having several LTL shipments going to similar geographies allows your company to reduce cost by consolidating multiple shipments for multiple customers improving your cost, control, and flexibility.


Assessorial Services

LTL carriers offer a number of services that are not usually offered by other carriers. If services like inside delivery, notification prior to delivery, freeze protection or sorting and segregating product may be of use to you, LTL shipping may be a valuable tool.

Everyone Benefits

LTL shipping allows you to move smaller shipments at lower prices and helps to improve a carrier’s capacity and efficiency.  You benefit, your customer benefits and the carrier benefits.  All stakeholders in the supply chain optimize their investments in people, equipment and systems to provide the most cost-effective customer oriented solution.


Don’t sweat it. The experienced professionals at Fast Service are here to help you identify the most cost effective and efficient method(s) of shipment for all of your inbound and outbound shipment needs.

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How LTL Fits Into Your Logistics Strategy

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping refers to a shipment that doesn’t fill an entire truck. An LTL shipment usually ranges anywhere from a single 150 pound box up to 6 pallets of product. Shipments over 6 pallets are usually moved by full truckload (FTL).

Shipping smaller shipments can be stressful and time consuming for your organization Why not shift this burden to a skilled partner to coordinate these shipments for you?  Our skilled team of seasoned professionals will handle all of the details to move your product where it needs to be when it needs to be there utilizing the most effective method of shipping and obtaining the best rate for you.

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